Thursday, December 1, 2022

Switzerland is preparing for a wave of refugees

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Employees of a moving company assemble beds in the army gym in Emmen LU.

Sophie Reinhardt and Lea Hartmann

In the multi-purpose hall at the Waffenplatz in Emmen LU, there will be hammering and screwing this Thursday morning. Employees of a moving company assemble black metal bunk beds and peel mattresses from the plastic sheeting. There are ten rows of ten bunk beds in the gym, making 200 beds. The men use a laser to check distances and alignment. The sleeping places also have to be lined up in the army.

However, the beds are not intended for soldiers. As of next week, asylum seekers are to be housed here on Kasernenstrasse in Emmen. The gym is one of around 20 temporary asylum accommodations that the federal government is currently preparing or has already put into operation in recent weeks. Because more space is urgently needed.

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