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Switzerland should put pressure on Italy

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dispute over refugees

Switzerland should put pressure on Italy

The asylum situation is tense. To make matters worse, Italy is delaying the processes. The State Political Commission of the National Council demands that Switzerland must finally defend itself against this.

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Border guards keep picking up illegal migrants at Chiasso train station. However, they still cannot be brought back to Italy.


Daniel BallmerEditor Politics

Central National Councilor Marco Romano (40) has had enough. “We finally have to put pressure on Italy,” says the President of the State Political Commission (SPK-N). Our neighbor to the south has been blocking things for about six weeks now. Because new migrants are constantly arriving from across the Mediterranean, the new right-wing government of Giorgia Meloni (45) is no longer taking back Dublin refugees. According to the Dublin Agreement, Italy would be responsible as the country of entry.

Now the SPK-N has taken a look at the situation at the border in Chiasso TI itself – together with the new Minister of Asylum Elisabeth Baume-Schneider (59). The conclusion is clear: In view of the high number of new asylum applications and the ongoing movement of refugees from Ukraine, the situation is tense. The cantons on the southern and eastern borders are particularly challenged.

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