Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Switzerland waives compulsory testing for Chinese tourists

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The Federal Council decides differently than the EU

Switzerland waives compulsory testing for Chinese tourists

Unlike many EU countries, Switzerland is initially waiving a test requirement for travelers from China. Instead, these people are advised to wear a mask and follow other hygiene measures. The Federal Council decided on Wednesday.

Travel test-free: Chinese tourists at the Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva.

The Federal Council wrote in a statement that the epidemiological situation does not require any testing for the time being. Due to the omicron variants circulating in China, he currently assumes a low risk for the population in Switzerland and for the Swiss health system. The risk of new, worrying variants emerging in China is no higher than anywhere else.

According to the Federal Council, people in Switzerland have a high level of protection against a severe course of Covid 19 disease. In addition, the virus circulation in Switzerland is currently so high that a test requirement for a comparatively small number of people who arrive directly from China by plane has hardly any impact on the spread of the virus in Switzerland. (SDA)

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