Saturday, April 1, 2023

Teenage thieves trigger methadone shortage

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«Disaster for addicts»

Teenage thieves trigger methadone shortage

Swissmedic has withdrawn the license of the most important methadone manufacturer in Switzerland. The safety deficiencies were only noticed after a burglary by young people. Now 9,000 addicts are in danger of missing the important drug.


Methadone patients could soon no longer be able to get their medication.

Months lie ahead for the 9,000 methadone patients in Switzerland – because their medication may soon no longer be available. The Swiss Society for Addiction Medicine (SSAM) warns of a shortage of high-dose tablets that are given to addicts.

Because the Swissmedic institute for therapeutic products has suspended the operating license and all drug approvals for the most important methadone producer for safety reasons.

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