Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Federal Council room now has internet access

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For sick federal councillors

The Federal Council room now has internet access

The meetings of the Swiss government are top secret. In order to protect the discussions of the Federal Council, there is actually a strict ban on electronic devices in the Federal Council room – but that no longer applies so strictly.


At the Federal Council meetings, the members of the government carry many colored folders with them. Because electronic devices are prohibited in the Federal Council room.

When the Swiss government meets for a joint meeting on Wednesday morning, the highest security precautions apply. Electronic devices in the room are strictly forbidden in order to protect Switzerland from possible eavesdropping attacks. For example, the seven Federal Councilors have to deposit their smartphones in lockers in the antechamber – or they don’t even take them to the meeting.

So far, only one computer has been in the Federal Council room – it belongs to the clerk of the minutes. This device has been prepared in such a way that no data can leak out. For everyone else, electronic devices are taboo. On the one hand for safety reasons, but on the other hand also so that nobody is distracted.

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