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The middle bastion in the Council of States is shaking

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With Vincenz-Stauffacher: The FDP as the strongest force in Stöckli?

The middle bastion in the Council of States is shaking

The Freisinn can hope for additional seats in the Council of States in the next elections. The FDP could thus outperform the center. An important argument for them when it comes to the second Federal Council seat.


The center has been the strongest parliamentary group in the Council of States since 2003. But that could change in the next elections.

The St. Gallen FDP is joining National Councilor Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher (55) in the race for the vacant seat of the Council of States of the retiring SP politician Paul Rechsteiner (70). Your chances of moving into the Stöckli for St. Gallen are considered intact.

This means that the cards are being reshuffled throughout Switzerland: Up to now, the Council of States has been the center’s trump card. The party has dominated the small chamber for decades. Since 2003, the former CVP has occupied most of the seats there. To date, it has claimed 14 of a total of 46 seats in the Council of States – more than all other parties. The role of the center is correspondingly important, for example when it comes to solutions for the AHV. But now the party leadership fears a possible loss of importance in the small chamber.

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