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This man is leading the investigation into Berset

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A working group is to clarify the indiscretions during the corona pandemic. The focus of the investigation: Federal Councilor Alain Berset (right) and his former spokesman Peter Lauener.


Sermin Fakipolitical chief

All eyes are now on them: the six parliamentarians who were appointed by the business audit committees of the National Council and Council of States to investigate the Corona leaks. But who are the three members of the Council of States plus three members of the National Council who are now working on the indiscretions on Federal Council decisions during the corona pandemic? Blick introduces them.

The Neuchâtel Councilor of States Philippe Bauer (60) seems made for the task as President of the working group: the liberal is a lawyer with his own law firm in Neuchâtel and has been in the Federal Palace since 2015; initially as a member of the National Council, since 2019 as a member of the Council of States. Although Bauer likes to talk at length there – in 2021, after 55 (!) minutes of monologue, he had to be asked to slowly come to the end – he is considered discreet and extremely upright.

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