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Viola Amherd skips the army’s mega-exercise

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Soldiers are disappointed

Viola Amherd skips the army’s mega-exercise

Defense Minister Viola Amherd would have had eight days to visit the 5,000 soldiers during the Pilum 22 exercise. She didn’t. Now speculation arises.


Viola Amherd had “other important commitments”.

5,000 soldiers and 300 heavy, armored vehicles were on the move in the Mittelland for eight days. The preparations went on for two years. Pilum 22 was the largest military exercise in 30 years. So a matter for the boss. one would think. VBS boss Viola Amherd (60) skipped the largest military exercise since the Cold War. This is reported by “Switzerland at the weekend”.

She did not pay a visit to the troops. And according to the report, that doesn’t go down well with the soldiers. A participant told “Switzerland at the weekend” that the findings of the exercise will flow into the further development of the ground forces, so they are “quite relevant”. But: “Apparently Amherd is not really interested in the army.” Otherwise he could not explain his absence.

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