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«We must better integrate the Ukrainians»

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Switzerland is struggling with a wave of refugees – the cantons are reaching their capacity limits.


Sermin Fakipolitical chief

90,000 refugees arrived in Switzerland last year, most of them from Ukraine. The cantons are slowly reaching their capacity limits. The Lucerne social director Guido Graf (64) is no different, as he says in an interview in the stately government building in Lucerne. Graf, who repeatedly makes pointed statements about migration policy, is concerned that solidarity among the population is dwindling and calls for reforms.

Mr Graf, on New Year’s Eve there were massive riots in Germany by young foreigners. Is something like that also conceivable in Switzerland?
Guido Graf: It is unbelievable and to be condemned in the strongest possible terms that emergency services, fire brigades and police forces were attacked during their operations. Such attacks must be prevented at all costs. The perpetrators must be severely punished without ifs or buts. It cannot be ruled out that such riots will one day also take place in Switzerland.

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