Friday, December 2, 2022

What is Köppel doing in the Presidential Arena?

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This Friday evening, the SRF “Arena” gets down to business: the subject of the show is the Ukraine war and its effects on Switzerland: should we deliver weapons? Seize oligarch assets? And is all this compatible with Swiss neutrality? The party leaders are discussing this in the presidential “arena”, as moderator Sandro Brotz (52) proudly announced on Wednesday.

Only: Two days later, the “Arena” is no longer quite as presidential. SP co-president Mattea Meyer (34), middle boss Gerhard Pfister (59), FDP president Thierry Burkart (46) and Green leader Balthasar Gättli (50) are in the SRF studio. However, it is not Marco Chiesa (47) who steps into the ring for SVP – but Roger Köppel (57).

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