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“What is the Director of Justice hiding?”

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Expert questions the behavior of government councilor Jacqueline Fehr in the data scandal

“What is the Director of Justice hiding?”

The data scandal casts a bad light on the Zurich Department of Justice. For lawyer Martin Steiger, a specialist in data protection law and IT law, fundamental political and legal questions arise. He suggests the appointment of a special prosecutor.


For years, the Zurich Department of Justice was sloppy when it came to disposing of hardware.

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Pascal TischhauserDeputy Head of Policy

The Zurich Department of Justice is believed to have been sloppy in disposing of computers for years. Hard drives with unencrypted, highly sensitive data – cell phone numbers of police officers, addresses of public prosecutors, even psychiatric reports – found their way into the Zurich milieu. The data protection specialist Martin Steiger* calls for quick and complete clarification.

Blick: Mr. Steiger, the Zurich Justice Department admits that data carriers were not properly disposed of up until 2012, which meant data fell into the wrong hands. No one wants to say more because of an ongoing criminal case. Is the?
Martin Steiger: I’m amazed! This reinforces the impression that they want to keep things under wraps as much as possible. Various legal and political questions arise. But it is already clear today: the loss of confidence in the Zurich judiciary is enormous.

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