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When the ambulance is flashed

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When the ambulance is flashed

Blue light at red light drives Solothurn’s cantonal parliament

On Tuesday, the Solothurn cantonal parliament dealt with the violation of traffic rules when construction lights were used. At an Oltner intersection with red light monitoring near the cantonal hospital, there were hundreds of violations by ambulances.

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When an ambulance runs its blue light over a red light – that’s a political issue in the canton of Solothurn. (icon picture)

Almost only ambulances are flashed at the city crossing in Olten: Since 2021 there have been 869 transgressions by ambulances in rescue operations – and that led to a lot of paperwork: the police always receive a radar photo as proof and deliver it to the cantonal hospital in Olten every time.

This then has to take a position and prove that the ambulance had switched on the blue light due to urgency – otherwise it will issue a fine. This is not about bureaucracy, but about the legal mandate under the Road Traffic Act,” the government council said. There must always be a “case-by-case assessment”.

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