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where we humans err

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Humanizing animals like apes doesn’t help either humans or animals, argues Markus Gabriel.


René ScheuPhilosopher and Managing Director of the Institute for Swiss Economic Policy (IWP)

The stone is what it is. The lion is what he eats. And the human? He is what he thinks he is. If man sees himself as a thunderstorm of neurons in a monkey’s body, then his brutalization is not far off, as we are seeing these days. If, on the other hand, he sees himself as a spiritual, free creature, then something could become of him again.

That is, in a nutshell, the quintessence of the new thoughts presented by the young star philosopher Markus Gabriel on the condition of man (can be read in his highly readable book “Der Mensch als Tier”). En passant, Gabriel disenchants a lot of certainties that have become dear about people, the environment and nature. A selection of fresh insights:

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