Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Why don’t young people drink anymore?

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“Everything will be fine” column about trends like Dry January

dry youth

Generation Z hardly drinks anymore. This is another advance of the self-optimization society, which demands to have a firm grip on oneself – and to appear really relaxed at the same time, writes our columnist.

Generation Z’s singing role model, Billie Eilish, already follows the dry lifestyle year-round.


Ursula von ArxJournalist and book author

Dry January advertised by television, newspapers, doctors and health insurance companies is to be followed by Sober October and so on and on.

But while many boomers may only take a temporary break from the everyday frenzy, Billie Eilish, Gen Z’s singing role model, is already following the dry lifestyle year-round. And also on Instagram, an alcohol-free happiness is propagated, the 20-year-old twins Lena and Lisa, for example, influencers with 20 million followers, announce freshly blow-dried and sparkling clean smiling: We don’t drink, but we like to celebrate!

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