Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Will Jositsch be rewarded now?

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SP has important posts to fill

Will Jositsch be rewarded now?

Because Elisabeth Baume-Schneider was elected to the Federal Council, the SP has to fill her position as Vice President of the Council of States. Few would qualify – including one who only recently fell out of favor.


The election of Elisabeth Baume-Schneider to the Federal Council has created new problems for the SP. She has to fill the post of Vice President of the Council of States.


Sermin Fakipolitical chief

Federal Councilor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider (58) presents the SP with new problems. Because ten days before the Jurassic woman was elected to the state government, she took up another post: she was elected Vice President of the Council of States. In 2024 she was to preside over the small chamber.

But nothing will come of it now. The Social Democrats who are entitled to the post must find a replacement. And that turns out to be difficult – there are only three people who can do it.

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