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2:1 or 1:2? Video has to decide

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Crazy scenes in Kloten

2:1 or 1:2? Video has to decide

In the second duel within 24 hours between Kloten and Ambri (3:4 nP) the events come crashing down. This becomes a tough nut for the referees.


Goal or no goal? That is the question. The puck lands on the poles behind Ambri goalie Benjamin Conz after a shot by Kloten striker Dario Meyer.

Kloten was aiming for the second win against Ambri in two days on Saturday evening and pressed for the opening goal in the first third. Dario Meyer gets a shot and some fans have seen the puck in the goal and are already cheering. But the game goes on and Ambri mercilessly counterattacks. Daniele Grassi serves Filip Chlapik, who only needs to push in.

But now it’s up to the referees. Miroslav Stolc and Andrea Moschen go to the judges’ house and look spellbound at the monitor. Was the puck behind the line when Meyer shot the pole? 2: 1 for Kloten? Or 2-1 for Ambri?

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