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Allegations of cheating against Novak Djokovic in Australia

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Controversial bottle post

Allegations of cheating against Novak Djokovic in Australia

Tennis fans are puzzling over a mysterious note that was on a Novak Djokovic bottle. Is this how the Serb circumvented the ban on coaching?

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Has Novak Djokovic circumvented ban on coaching during change of sides?

A video is circulating on social networks, causing discussions in the tennis world. It shows how Novak Djokovic gets a bottle out of his box in his second round game, on which a supervisor previously stuck a note. The former world number 1 reads the note, crumples it up and tosses it in his pocket.

Allegations of cheating are immediately heard. Many are firmly convinced that there were hints and tips on the note and complain that “coaching” is not allowed during the change of sides. That’s true, but this only applies to verbal coaching.

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