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Ambri fans leave Canada reporters speechless

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“You don’t see that in North America”

Ambri fans leave Canada reporters speechless

The fans of Ambri-Piotta are once again providing a great atmosphere at the Spengler Cup this year. So much so that commentators from overseas are speechless.


Good mood among the Ambri-Piotta fans at the Spengler Cup.

Once again the supporters of HC Ambri-Piotta are creating a breathtaking atmosphere at the Spengler Cup. With loud fan chants, they make the sold-out ice rink in Davos tremble. The best example is the attunement to the “Montanara”, the legendary victory anthem of the Biancoblu.

In the last minute of Monday’s game against Örebro, thousands of Leventine fans lift their scarves and sing the song in unison. The atmosphere creates goosebumps – even for the Canadian commentators, who are supposed to accompany the game factually.

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