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Ambris Formenton separates the ghosts

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Prejudiced after sex scandal

Ambris Formenton separates the ghosts

Allegations of abuse, hush money, an association in distress and a player who is prejudiced on social media. The Story of Alex Formenton.


On December 14, Ambri announced the arrival of Alex Formenton.


Dino KesslerHead of Ice Hockey Department

Sports clubs usually publish a press release with statistical key data and unctuous words after the commitment of players and coaches. However, when Ambri announced Alex Formenton’s move to the Leventina on December 14, 2022, the message contained an unusual appendix: They were aware that Formenton was part of an investigation into an alleged abuse scandal in 2018 as a member of Canada’s U20 national team . An investigation that led to no charges.

It was about a case in which a young woman was allegedly abused by several ice hockey players and which the judiciary is now dealing with again. Now again because Canada’s association had swept the case under the carpet in the first instance with a million-dollar payment from secret coffers. However, the culture of silence has now caught up with the officials: When it became known that Hockey Canada had paid more than six million Swiss francs in hush money to possible victims of abuse since 1989, sponsors, the public and politicians put massive pressure on. All leadership has since been replaced and a culture change promised, but the people deeply rooted in hockey are demanding clarification from their main sporting association. The NHL is also under pressure: the world’s top league has pledged action should Ontario authorities’ investigation lead to indictments against NHL players.

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