Monday, December 5, 2022

Ancillo Canepa comments on the crisis

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Before the derby, FCZ bosses Heliane and Ancillo Canepa had a good laugh together with suspended coach Bo Henriksen.

13 league games without a win, 6 points, bottom of the table. On Sunday the 1: 4 swatter in the derby – and this as a champion. Ancillo Canepa, how frustrated are you?
Ancillo Canepa: Large. That’s understandable, especially after the games against YB and Basel, where we fought in solidarity and played superbly defensively. I was confident that the liberation would now come against GC. The first 25 minutes were still positive, but then we got back into the old waters after the unnecessary counter-goals.

Movement, relaxation, distraction, talking, writing down or sleeping – all of this serves to help reduce frustration. what helps you
At the FCZ I deal with many other tasks and topics, so I hardly have time to wallow in frustration for long. I’m also reasonably stress resistant. And I’m lucky enough to be able to share the FCZ suffering within the family….

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