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Andrea Petkovic was hit on by Hollywood star

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Ex-tennis ace served him down

Andrea Petkovic was hit on by Hollywood star

Former tennis player Andrea Petkovic could be married to actor Jeff Goldblum today. The German tells of an encounter in the gym.

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Former tennis player Andrea Petkovic (35) was once hit on by Jeff Goldblum.

In August 2022, the German tennis player Andrea Petkovic (35) ended her career. At a panel discussion, she now tells a story from the beginning of her career that she will never forget.

The then 19-year-old Petkovic was preparing for her first US Open in New York in 2007 and trained early in the morning in her hotel gym. At the same time there: Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum (70). The actor became aware of the tennis player and, after a short chat, invited her to eat at his favorite Thai restaurant.

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