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Anger over headbutt by HCD-Bristedt against EVZ-Kovar

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Anger over headbutt by HCD-Bristedt against EVZ-Kovar

EVZ captain and top scorer Jan Kovar was annoyed that the penalty was too lax in the game against Davos. Rightly so: HCD Swede Leon Bristedt should have been sent under the shower. Now he’s getting a suspension for headbutting the Czech.

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Captain Jan Kovar is chasing a small deficit with his EVZ in Davos.


Nicole VandenbrouckIce hockey reporter

In the hard-fought duel between Davos and Zug it’s still 0-0. The 28th minute of the game is running. EVZ goalie Luca Hollenstein repels a shot from HCD defender Klas Dahlbeck – Davos’ Leon Bristedt dashes towards the goal and wants to follow up. As he drives past Zug’s captain Jan Kovar, he tries to stop him with a stick.

There is a scuffle between the Swede and the Czech, Bristedt returns one with his stick – and then hits his head in the direction of Kovar’s face. For a headbutt there should actually be a five plus a remaining exclusion. But both players are sent to the penalty box for two minutes.

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