Sunday, April 2, 2023

Army counters criticism of the Lauberhorn mission

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There is always criticism for the use of the army on the Lauberhorn, this year also because of the war in the Ukraine.


Cedric HeebEditor Sports

Year after year, the organizing committee and the volunteers work day and night to offer ski fans in Wengen a worthy festival. The members of the Swiss army are also back in the thick of things and are helping where they can. A video shows people in camouflage shoveling snow down the slope at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The use of the army members repeatedly causes criticism in the social media, but this year even more due to the Ukraine war. Some statements allude to the taxpayers’ money that, according to one Twitter user, is “squandered on private nonsense”. Another person writes: “In other countries they fight for survival and in Switzerland the army fights for a descent to ‘happen’.” Comments that Daniel Reist, Head of Defense Communications for the Swiss Army, left “uncomprehending”.

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