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Brignone triumphs, Goggia flies

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Different moods among Italian women

Brignone triumphs, Goggia flies

Sofia Goggia (30) falls in St. Anton. Just like in 2021. This is anything but useful for your operated hand. Rival Brignone cheers on the other hand.


She challenges fate: Sofia Goggia is lightning fast again, but falls.


Mathias Germannreporter sports

She is the fastest woman on skis. But also those who probably have the most accidents: Sofia Goggia (30). This time, too, she crashes into the snow after being driven too far out on a right-hand bend. Goggia gets up quickly, is not seriously injured. Nevertheless: your left hand, which was operated on a month ago, is severely swollen. Goggia had already fallen at the last Super-G in St. Anton two years ago – after 12 seconds, this time after 34 seconds.

Of all people, her compatriot Federica Brignone (32) profits from the crash, who now has one more Super-G victory in Palmarès than Goggia – 21:20. Why of all places? Simple: The two are the opposite of good friends. Almost a year ago there was even an open argument when Brignone’s mother, the former world-class slalom skier Maria Rosa Quario, called Goggia “egocentric”. Meanwhile, both drivers prefer to let the topic rest.

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