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Brunner with anger speech because of useless TV pictures

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Controversial 2: 1 of the ZSC counts after long discussions

Offside or not? Controversial 2: 1 of the ZSC counts after long discussions(01:59)

Justin Azevedo’s Game Winner on Sunday night sparks controversy. Was the hit preceded by an offside or not? The linesmen smash the Bieler Challenge. “Inconclusive” is the verdict. You cannot clarify the situation due to the insufficient TV pictures. That’s why the decision remains on the ice, which counts 2:1 and the ZSC wins.

“The goal, I think we all agree, that was probably a goal,” Biel striker Damien Brunner begins his angry speech after the match in a TV interview with MySports. “We had Corona, the entire league cried because there was no money, the players earned too much. Now we’re here and we’ve had a number of managerial changes (there were five, editor’s note) this season. I don’t know if any team still has six foreigners in their squad or if there are already seven, eight, nine. And not a single stadium manages to have a f***** camera on the blue line.”

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