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Can your team make the playoffs?

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The look spreadsheet as a crystal ball

Can your team make the playoffs?

Want to know what the National League table will look like after 52 qualifying games? MySports expert Sven Helfenstein finished the season for Blick.

Published: 2 minutes ago


MySports expert Sven Helfenstein plays through the season for Blick.

MySports expert Sven Helfenstein was the first to do so. The articulate players’ agent used the spreadsheet to shed some light on who will make it straight into the playoffs? Who Goes Through Pre-Playoff Limbo? And who in 11th and 12th place can look forward to a spring without worrying about relegation?

First of all, Helfenstein is enthusiastic about the Blick time machine: “The tool is cool.” But then it gets serious. The standings after tonight’s 44th round:

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