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Champion and tail light FCZ enjoys the sun in Turkey

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“Eat, sleep, train”

Champion and tail light FCZ enjoys the sun in Turkey

The FCZ is currently the only Super League team not on the Iberian Peninsula. The champion and bottom of the table has been traveling to Turkey for years in preparation for the second half of the season.


Yanick Brecher has had a turbulent year.


Christian Finkbeinerfootball boss

Yanick Brecher has been with the FCZ for more than a decade, and the captain can’t remember any other training camp destination in winter than southern Turkey. “And when we went to Spain, I was injured.”

For the keeper, however, the location of the training camp does not play a major role. He describes the daily routine as “eating, sleeping, exercising”. The quality of the food and the training conditions are important and these are good in Turkey. The weather is also playing along this year. “And the best thing is that the training ground is right next to the hotel.”

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