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Cheering failure at Ambri causes laughter

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First triumph at the Spengler Cup

Cheering fail at Ambri-Piotta causes laughter

The Ambri stars are overjoyed after winning the drama game against Sparta Prague. For some, a childhood dream comes true, others are already announcing a long night of partying. After the victory in the penalty shootout, there were also two premature celebrations to talk about.


Huge rejoicing at Ambri-Piotta. The Leventine win the Spengler Cup for the first time.

“It’s indescribable,” said striker Dominic Zwerger to SRF, “it goes down in Ambri’s history books. Now we celebrate.” With a laugh, Zwerger also takes the cheering fail before Inti Pestoni’s penalty decision: “At first I thought there were only three shooters because it’s an international tournament. At that point I thought it was over. Later I said Janne had held him. In the end it was still enough. I do not give a shit. Now let’s celebrate.”

Coach Cereda announces party

Nando Eggenberger, who was loaned to Ambri by the SCRJ Lakers for a month, was also beaming. «As a child, I always watched the Spengler Cup. To win it yourself now is perfect », said the Churer.

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