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Chervet fights back after shock KO

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Chervet fights back after shock KO

“He would have done the same to me”

His last career fight is another one to talk about: Alain Chervet causes a stir on Boxing Day when he knocks out his opponent after a dirty punch. He defends himself in the Blick interview.


A thrill: Alain Chervet knocks out his opponent Glenn Bismanos in round 1


Sebastian RiederEditor Sports

Alain Chervet, your last career fight is something to talk about. How did you see the fight?
It went fast, in the first lap it was already done. I expected something different, wanted to show more. I wanted to put on a good fight and show the crowd again what I can do. It didn’t come to that.

You knocked out your opponent after already hitting him during a stoppage.
Yes. With a break (by the referee, ed.) you take a step back and can then continue hitting. I did that, gave him a right hand, which I’m sure he felt well. She then told me that there would be a point deduction. She said it was an interruption where you don’t hit.

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