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Christian Weber has jumped death from the shovel

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Christian Weber has had a difficult time, blood poisoning was life-threatening for him.


Marcel AllemanReporter ice hockey

Christian Weber laughs a lot and is in a good mood when we meet for coffee at the train station in his home town of Dübendorf ZH on this January morning. Seeing him like this, it’s hard to imagine that a month and a half ago the 58-year-old was miserable – that he couldn’t walk for more than 10 to 15 minutes and only with the help of his wife Tina and even a small flight of stairs for him at the time meant agony.

“The fact that I was able to recover so quickly is probably due to the fact that I’ve always lived a healthy life and done a lot of sport,” says Weber, sipping his coffee cup. He has never smoked and very rarely drinks alcohol. Even when he was playing, Weber almost had the reputation of being an ascetic.

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