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“Civicians should do that!”

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SVP-Salzmann to the soldiers shoveling snow on the Lauberhorn

“Civicians should do that!”

The fact that soldiers are preparing for the World Cup race in Wengen draws critics into action. Werner Salzmann, President of the Security Policy Commission in the Council of States, is not only enthusiastic about it.


Members of the Swiss military and civil defense shovel snow on the Lauberhorn.


Sermin Fakipolitical chief

The deployment of soldiers and civil protection officers on the Lauberhorn has met with criticism. A video distributed by the OC of the World Cup race in Wengen BE shows people in camouflage shoveling snow down the slope at 4am on Tuesday morning. It was “cynical” in view of the Ukraine war, the comments say, for example. “In other countries they are fighting for survival and in Switzerland the army is fighting to ensure that a descent ‘happens’,” someone writes.

Werner Salzmann (60), President of the Security Policy Committee of the Council of States, also says that army operations can always be questioned. It is clear that without the use of the army there would be neither the World Cup races nor the federal wrestling and gymnastics festivals, which are important for the tourist location.

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