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Comeback on the ice with baby food

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EVZ defender Gross’ jaw was shattered

Comeback on the ice with baby food

EVZ defender Nico Gross breaks his jaw three times after being hit by a puck. After a break of almost two months, he is celebrating his comeback – with a special helmet and after feeding with a straw.


EVZ defender Nico Gross is back with jaw protection.

There are ugly scenes that take place on November 5th in Zug’s Bossard Arena. EVZ defender Nico Gross is hit in the face by a shot by Kloten talent David Reinbacher. Gross falls onto the ice, holds his hands in front of his blood-soaked face. He is transported to the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital.

Later it turned out that the 22-year-old suffered a multiple jaw fracture – something that Gross noticed when the puck hit it: “I noticed immediately that everything was broken,” Gross told the “Zuger Zeitung”. He cannot speak, his lower jaw is split. The day after the hit, Gross’ jaw had to be repaired in a six-hour operation. Metal plates are used to hold the bones together.

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