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«Confirmed that I belong in the US Open main draw»

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Ranking and form are going up at Hüsler

«Confirmed that I belong in the US Open main draw»

Marc-Andrea Hüsler stormed into the semifinals as a qualifier at the 250cc tournament in Winston-Salem. He is currently ranked 85th in the world. The form and the ranking give the Zurich native a lot of self-confidence ahead of the US Open.


Marc-Andrea Hüsler is in good form. After entering the top 100 in the world, he is currently ranked 85th.

After his Grand Slam premiere in Wimbledon, Marc-Andrea Hüsler will be in the main draw at the US Open. The Swiss number 1 in the ranking has been among the top 100 players in the world for a few weeks.

“It’s something I’ve been working toward all my life. Then you can say that you’ve made it, »said Hüsler to Blick. With 85th place, he is better placed than ever and has benefited from regular good results this season. But he knows that things can’t always go up.

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