Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Constantin threatens with a big Sion bang

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Christian Constantin no longer wants to invest in FC Sion from summer 2024; his son Barthélémy (right), the current sports director, should not take over the club leadership.

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Ugo Curty

FC Sion knows its expiry date. Its president, Christian Constantin, has announced that he will stop investing in the club from June 2024. “The club will then find its natural place in the amateur leagues,” he predicts. The Valais team would be relegated to the Promotion League (the third highest league). “The disappearance of FC Sion from the elite would be regrettable for Swiss football because it is a real traditional club,” says Claudius Schäfer. The league CEO does not want to comment further on this sensitive topic.

Alain Joseph: «Constantin loves to bluff…»

But can Constantine be believed when he says he’s had enough? Isn’t it a new ploy by the clever businessman? After all, he announced his resignation on the same day that the federal court sentenced him in a tax dispute.

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