Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Cross-country legend Dario Cologna unpacks

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Dario Cologna looks back on an extraordinary career – in his book he reviews it again.

Dario Cologna. The name stands for success. For talent, will, focus, perseverance. And silence. Quiet? In his new biography, Cologna and numerous companions reveal that the man who has been portrayed as less emotional and almost introverted for years can also be completely different.

Cologna put everything on the cross-country skiing card early on. But there was also life next to it. «At 16 there are already other adventures. Weed was smoked at boarding school, and I was always the type who liked to test everything,” he reveals in his book: “I was a rascal and a rebel. But the focus stayed. I went my way in spite of all temptations.”

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