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DiDomenico sends teammates away – and scores

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SCB-leader claimed penalty

DiDomenico sends teammates away – and scores

SCB Canadian Tyler Ennis is ready for his penalty after Tömmernes’ emergency brake. Then Chris DiDomenico drives to him – and after a brief exchange of words, Ennis leaves the ice. Does he voluntarily let his teammate run the show?


In the 24th minute, SCB Canadian Tyler Ennis (right) was prevented from completing by Geneva defender Henrik Tömmernes with an emergency brake – Bern received a penalty.


Nicole VandenbrouckIce hockey reporter

Tyler Ennis is on the ice near the faceoff point and appears to be getting ready for his penalty. It’s the 24th minute of the crisp duel between Bern and leader Servette, it’s still 0-0. The SCB striker was able to go out on his own beforehand and was illegally prevented from completing the game by Geneva defender Henrik Tömmernes.

Suddenly SCB leader Chris DiDomenico drove to his teammate. After a brief exchange of words, Ennis leaves the ice and leaves the field, the show and the responsibility to his strike partner. Voluntarily? “Honestly, I didn’t know there was no longer a rule that said the fouled player had to take the penalty himself,” Ennis said after the game. “DiDomenico asked me if I wanted to shoot.” Didn’t he want to? «Chris is the top scorer, he knows what he’s doing. And I have a lot of faith in him.”

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