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Dino Wieser is the trainer apprentice at the HCD gang

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His hockey passion is back

Dino Wieser is the trainer apprentice at the HCD gang

Two years ago he wanted nothing to do with hockey anymore. Then Dino Wieser rediscovered his passion for it as Davos U17 assistant coach. Now the ex-striker is a trainee coach at the HCD gang. Also on Tuesday in the Blick live game (from 7:25 p.m.).

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Dino Wieser completes a trainer stage at the HCD gang. The 33-year-old likes to be an active coach – also with his ex-teammates.


Nicole VandenbrouckIce hockey reporter

Again and again he talks to players, pats them on the back, spurs them on. Dino Wieser has been an apprentice coach at the HCD gang for six games and supports the assistant coaches Waltteri Immonen and Glen Metropolit. Wieser looks really smart in a blazer. When was the last time he wore a suit? The 33-year-old has to grin at this question, “four years ago at my brother’s wedding,” he says.

Wieser is beaming and seems full of energy when he comes off the ice this afternoon after the NL team’s training session. Because the people of Graubünden have found it again – the joy of hockey. Just two years ago, the ex-striker no longer wanted to know anything about his former passion. The suffering after his last concussion in 2019 is too formative. Wieser is toying with the idea of ​​starting a carpentry apprenticeship. Because he spends a lot of time on the construction site of his house, appreciates this craftsmanship, which, in comparison to professional sport, means he is not always under (public) pressure.

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