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Does the no-name goalie cause problems for the FCZ?

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After Breaker Out

Does a no-name goalie cause problems for the FCZ?

Because of the injury to regular goalie Yanick Brecher, tail light Zurich goes into the second half of the season with Zivko Kostadinovic. Can this go well? Kostadinovic’s ex-coach Ciriaco Sforza assesses the situation.


Zurich’s goalie at the start of the second half of the season: Zivko Kostadinovic (left) replaces the injured Captain Yanick Brecher.


Matthew Dubachreporter sports

His regular place is the FCZ substitute bench – but now Zivko Kostadinovic (30) is suddenly in focus. The substitute keeper has to work at the start of the second half of the season because of Captain Yanick Brecher’s (29) inner ligament injury. And because the main goalie will be out for several weeks, Kostadinovic will remain in the box until further notice.

With the number 2 on the hunt to catch up in the relegation battle: is Zurich taking this sporting risk or is a new goalie now being sought? Sports director Marinko Jurendic to Blick: “We are not currently looking. We have confidence in Zivko that he will do his job well.”

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