Wednesday, March 22, 2023

“Either you have it or you don’t”

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The question of style in the FCL posse

“Either you have it or you don’t”

A good load of dirty laundry has just been washed at FC Luzern. Blick sports director Steffi Buchli thinks it’s an absurdity where there are only losers.


Steffi BuchliEditor-in-Chief of the Sport Blick Group

The situation has long since become too complex for outsiders to make a qualified comment on the content. I don’t presume that. Meanwhile, an armada of highly specialized lawyers, here and there, is busy with the cause of “majority shareholder or not”. They’ll figure out what’s going on.

One thing is clear: It’s been an ugly story since the beginning and it probably won’t get any nicer. It doesn’t really matter whether you call it farce, mudslinging, bickering – or, as one party said recently – gossip theatre.

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