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ESAF sponsors do not want to pay for the financial gap

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Does politics have to step in?

ESAF sponsors do not want to pay for the financial gap

The organizers of the federal wrestling festival hoped for the help of their sponsors to cover the debts of several million. But these get in the way.


The ESAF organizers continue to fight against the million-dollar hole in the cash register.

The shock came about three months after the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF) in Pratteln: the organizers had a two to four million franc hole in their coffers. The budget of 42 million was blown. OC President Thomas Weber said at the time that discussions were being sought with all partners in order to find a solution. However, these seem to have no interest in paying the debt.

As a survey by “SRF” shows, three of the six royal partners are opposed. Among them the Feldschlösschen brewery. «It is not our task to become the deficit guarantor of events. We can’t afford that in general, »says spokeswoman Gaby Gerber. Migros and Swisscom have also rejected the ESAF organizers. The other partners have not yet decided whether they want to give the Schwingfest a helping hand.

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