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“Especially my girlfriend got a lot from it”

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Injury lay to Berra

“Especially my girlfriend got a lot from it”

Friborg goalie Reto Berra (36) is aiming for a comeback after surviving a period of suffering and back surgery. And wants to play for five more years.

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Friborg goalie Reto Berra became a whiner because of his back problems.

Reto Berra has not stood in the Gottéron Gate since October 7, 2022. His back pain had gotten so bad that he had to have an operation. The suffering made the 36-year-old create. “It wasn’t an easy time and it gave me a lot to think about,” says the national goalie from Bülach. Berra was frustrated and in a bad mood. “My girlfriend in particular got a lot out of it. I’m just a bad actor. If I’m not feeling well, I’ll show it,” he admits.

But now Berra sees light at the end of the tunnel again, is working on his comeback and is happy again. “When I see what else is going on in the world, it’s nothing,” he says. “I had a good career and was almost never injured until 2015, when I played for Colorado.” At that time he had to take a two-month break due to a foot injury.

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