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EVZ-Tangnes defends unsuccessful goalie poker

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“I would do it again”

EVZ trainer Tangnes defends unsuccessful goalie poker

EVZ master trainer Dan Tangnes tries everything for the final dream in the hot final phase of the second semi-final duel against Tampere. But the courageous goalie poker fails.

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The opening goal in Zug to make it 1-0 is the initial spark for a strong performance by the Swiss champions in the second leg of the CHL semifinals.


Nicole VandenbrouckIce hockey reporter

The hot final phase of the CHL semi-final second leg is on. EVZ leads 2:1 against Tampere. But the overall score after the first leg (0:2) is not enough for a place in the final. Zug need at least one goal to save themselves in extra time. The Finn Patrik Virta has to go to the penalty box 2:40 minutes before the end.

EVZ trainer Dan Tangnes senses the opportunity. And shows courage: He takes his goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni off the ice at the perfect moment and replaces him with a field player. “You can’t miss the chance to attack with two more men at this moment,” said the disappointed Norwegian after the out. Because his goalie poker didn’t work out, the Finns scored twice in the abandoned box.

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