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Ex-Barça management badly insulted Lionel Messi

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“Hormone-Treated Dwarf” and “Sewer Rat”

Ex-Barça management badly insulted Lionel Messi

Eddy about leaked chat messages at FC Barcelona: The former club management is said to have verbally abused Lionel Messi because of his departure in 2021.


Lionel Messi has been badly insulted by the ex-Barca leadership, published chat messages reveal.

Bad insults against Lionel Messi (35)! The Catalan daily newspaper “El Periódico” published messages from a group chat that the police had seized as part of the investigation into the old leadership. The leaked documents show that the neo-world champion was insulted by the old club management as a “sewer rat” and “hormone-treated dwarf”.

Accordingly, the former head of the legal department at FC Barcelona, ​​Román Gómez Ponti, is said to have blasphemed about Messi in a WhatsApp group in which other ex-board members such as ex-president José María Bartomeu and former CEO Òscar Grau were members.

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