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Ex-Premier League player suffers heart attack in car

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“He was zigzagging”

Ex-Premier League player suffers heart attack in car

Just months after ending his football career due to illness, Enock Mwepu has now suffered a heart attack while driving.

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Enock Mwepu (25) is said to have suffered a heart attack while driving in his native Zambia.

Last October, Zambian footballer Enock Mwepu (25) announced his retirement after being diagnosed with an inherited heart disease. The doctors at his club Brighton & Hove Albion said at the time that the risk of suffering a heart attack was too high if he continued his career.

But this is exactly what is said to have happened: As the Zambian newspaper “Zambian Observer” reports, Mwepu collapsed while driving in his home country. “He started zigzagging,” an eyewitness told the newspaper. He then managed to bring the vehicle to a standstill, but is said to have collapsed shortly afterwards.

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