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Ex-referee Urs Meier calls for time penalties in football

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The long-time Swiss Fifa referee Urs Meier is for a change in football – and calls for time penalties. “A time penalty would be incredibly helpful, especially since the yellow card, based on the current game, is not a bad penalty,” says the Swiss of the Stuttgarter Zeitung and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

The former referee justifies his demand, among other things, with the appearance of the athletes in other sports. “Not only in handball, but also in rugby or American football there is a striking education for fair play,” explains Meier, “in football the culture is completely different.”

What exactly would change? If the referee could “impose a ten-minute time penalty in the final phase because of unsportsmanlike behavior, a complaint or a delay in the game, a lot would change,” says Meier

He would also welcome a short break for players who need treatment. “If the allegedly injured had to stay outside for a minute, there would certainly be less acting,” Meier suspects.

Will there be a great revolution? The ex-referee would have determined contacts with Fifa. (AFP)

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