Friday, March 24, 2023

FC Chiasso is officially bankrupt

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New owner did not pay

FC Chiasso is officially bankrupt

Despite the takeover by US investors, FC Chiasso is now officially bankrupt. Money promised to the club never arrived.

Published: 2 minutes ago

After 117 years: FC Chiasso is now officially bankrupt.

After a little more than 117 years, the history of FC Chiasso is over. The district court of Mendrisio declared the bankruptcy of the promotion league on Friday morning.

In December, the Ticino club escaped bankruptcy at the last second because the US investor group “American Sport Asset Company Limited” announced its entry. The definitive takeover took place on January 4th. However, money that was promised never came. Therefore, the magistrate in Mendrisio was forced to declare the club definitively bankrupt.

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