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FCB legend takes over a bike shop as a pensioner

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Anyone who steps into the local bike shop in Reinach BL these days will be amazed. Because the owner of the Scheller Radcenter, which only sells e-bikes, is none other than Erni Maissen. The Basel legend took over the management together with her partner Chantal Fitzner on January 1st.

Maissen could put his feet up this year. After all, he celebrated his 65th birthday on January 1st and would therefore be of retirement age. But that would not have been for him. “I never wanted to do nothing. It would have gotten boring for me, »the former football player is certain. “So I was looking for a new challenge that had hands and feet.”

Without a girlfriend, however, Maissen would not have thrown himself into this project. He says that in no uncertain terms. “It would have been nothing for me alone. We’ve wanted to do something together for a long time. But by October of last year, nothing had crystallized.” But then, thanks to a fortunate coincidence, things went quickly. A friend of Maissen bought the property and the shop. «At dinner I asked him if he was still looking for people for the bike shop. That’s how Chantal and I came to realize our dream.”

However, Maissen discovered her passion for mountain biking several years ago. “I’ve been mountain biking since 1991.” Four years ago he rode an e-mountain bike for the first time. “That captivated and excited me.”

For Maissen, the new challenge is also a kind of home game. The former footballer grew up in Reinach, went to school and became well-known in the village. That’s why he thinks that some will come to visit for a chat. “Football will be discussed at one time or another. But you can’t always just talk about football.” After all, he is now a passionate e-bike salesman.

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