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Feuz gives Stucki an incredibly big present

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Downhill King honors Schwinger King

Feuz gives Stucki an incredibly big present

Both are really bad Bernese, and both are about to have their final competition. As a farewell, Beat Feuz gives Stucki Christian a truly great present.

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Kings among themselves: downhill giant Beat Feuz meets wrestling monarch Christian Stucki.


Marcel W. Perrenreporter sports

The encounter is reminiscent of the film “Twins”, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito play two unequal twins: Christian Stucki (38), who is almost two meters long and weighs 150 kilos, visits Beat Feuz, who is just under 1.73 meters tall, after the Lauberhorn races ( 35) in the wax cellar.

In terms of character, however, there doesn’t seem to be any major difference between the wrestling king and the downhill monarch. “I first met Beat by accident about ten years ago at a SCB match. I liked him from the first moment because, despite his huge success, he is as down-to-earth as a wrestler,” says the seven-time Confederate.

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