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For Juve it’s going to be rock solid!

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English tricks, the old lady is punished

For Juve it’s going to be rock solid!

Juventus have been deducted 15 points in the current season of Serie A for accounting fraud. But that’s not all. The record champion faces further penalties.

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Juventus are going through tough times.

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Carlo Emanuele FrezzaReporter football

At Juventus, things are bubbling up. After the heavy 15-point deduction, further trouble threatens. On the one hand, criminal proceedings are still pending. The first hearing is scheduled for the end of March. In the worst case, Uefa threatens exclusion from all European competitions.

On the other hand, Juve is being investigated because of possible incorrect information in the balance sheet about salaries not paid out during the corona crisis. At that time, the players waived part of their wages. Those unpaid salaries were officially booked – but in a later step they are said to have been secretly paid back to the professionals.

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