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Frei’s wife heard stupid jokes when picking up the children

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Special praise from the coach

Fitter than ever: FCB-Frei wants to know again

As difficult as the first half of the season at FCB was, the end of the year was just as fantastic for Fabian Frei: The 34-year-old celebrated his World Cup debut in Qatar. The captain wants to use the tailwind from the desert World Cup to restart at red-blue.

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Feels fitter than in previous years: Fabian Frei from FC Basel.


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Does Fabian play freely? What was a hypothetical question at FCB for a long time became a political issue this season. Trainer and namesake Alex Frei largely did without the services of his captain in the second part of the preliminary round. In addition: President David Degen denigrated Frei during a game by running attested a “beer mat radius” to the FCB record player, whose contract he extended until 2024 a year ago.

In an interview with the “Basler Zeitung”, Frei reveals his hard work with the reservist role: “Of course I didn’t agree with every decision made by Alex Frei. I would have liked certain things to be different. But I respected it.” And to the Degen criticism: “I was mad at him at first, but I know how David is. He also approached me directly at the time and apologized.”

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